About Kencraft’s Handmade Timber Furniture

Kenscraft’s handmade timber furniture is made using the finest quality camphor laurel timber, sourced from Australia’s Byron Bay in New South Wales. Camphor laurel timber is the only timber in the world that is 100% food-safe, due to its anti-bacterial properties. Check out our gallery pages to see some of the unique pieces that we have crafted using this beautiful material.

All of our items come with a lifetime warranty because we strongly believe in health, safety and quality. We take time and care to create all of our pieces by hand and only use the best materials available, ensuring that your items will last for generations.

Every single piece is unique due to the different characteristics found in the natural timber and we make all of our items to order, to your specific requirements. If you would like to enquire about having a custom Kenscraft timber item designed and made, call us on 0411 794 800, or visit us at the Caboolture Markets on any Sunday morning to view some examples of our workmanship.

About Kenscraft

Kenscraft is owned and run by Ken, who has loved woodwork since he was a school boy, often skipping out of class so that he could work on it. He completed a course in carpentry, joinery and building construction in the 1960s and has been crafting bits and pieces ever since. Over 15 years ago Ken left his full-time position as a forklift driver in a factory and started Kenscraft which has enabled him to pursue his lifelong passion of creating handcrafted woodwork items while making customers happy out of it.

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