Anti-bacterial Timber Cutting Boards

All of our timber cutting boards are handcrafted using only the finest quality camphor laurel, sourced from a local Australian supplier located in Byron Bay. Camphor laurel timber is the only natural timber that is 100% food safe due to its naturally occurring anti-bacterial qualities. If you’d like more information regarding our anti-bacterial cutting boards, give us a call on 0411 794 800.

We can create cutting boards in any shape or size that you require and we generally use a 25mm thickness for all of our products. The cutting boards are oiled using grape seed oil – this enables the timber to breath while prolonging the life of the timber. In addition to cutting boards we also make a range of other kitchen aids such as lazy Suzanne’s, twin-bins (for rubbish and recycling), potato or vegetable boxes as well as kitchen fixtures/furniture such as pantries, cupboards, breakfast bars and tables.

Order Kenscraft Cutting Boards

Kenscraft set up a market stall at the Caboolture Markets most Sunday mornings, and that is where you’ll find a selection of some of our pre-made timber cutting boards. We can also make custom cutting boards to order, so if you have a specific size or shape in mind, visit our stall and place your order. The turn-around time for custom orders is generally 2-4 weeks but can be dependent on factors such as the size, customization and weather.

Alternatively, you can also order online via our contact us page, or by giving us a call on 0411 794 800.


Visit Us At The Markets

Our Caboolture Markets stall is open every Sunday from 6am-12noon. Visit us to place a custom order. More Information