Timber Kitchen Benchtops and Breakfast Bars

We handcraft beautiful and unique custom timber kitchen benchtops, cupboards, draws, pantries and even breakfast bars – have a look at our gallery page to see some great examples of our past work. All of our kitchen products are made by hand in our Brisbane Northside workshop, using camphor laurel timber which we source locally from Byron Bay. Camphor laurel is the only timber in the world that is 100% food-safe due to its naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties.

All Kenscraft products come with a lifetime warranty – we strongly believe in health, safety and quality, and craft all of our products to the highest standards. Due to the natural timber being used, all of our pieces have unique, beautiful characteristics and no two items will ever be exactly the same. In addition to kitchen benchtops and cupboard, we also make a range of timber kitchen homewares such as chopping boards, potato or bread boxes and twin bins for rubbish and recycling.

To enquire about engaging Kenscraft to create custom timber kitchen benchtops, cupboards or pantries for your home or office, contact us today on 0411 794 800.

The Ordering Process:

The process for ordering custom kitchen benchtops, cupboards and pantries is a bit different to ordering any of our other products due to the requirement of measurements. The measurements have to be exact so that your new cupboards and doors fit your existing fixtures perfectly. For this reason, we find it is best to visit your residence and take the measurements ourselves; often, if possible, we will take some of the existing doors with us so that we can use them as an outline for the new doors. This is the best way to ensure a perfect fit.

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